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Therapy for the Resilient

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My heart is with scrappy women who were raised in emotionally chaotic homes.
I help them step into their power.

Here is what I know about my clients – they make things happen.

They are hustlers, quick learners and know how to survive.

Some believe the bad press they have heard about themselves and missed the memo about their power. Don’t worry, we can work that out.

Here are some of the situations behind the labels that bring folks to my office.

When you raised yourself, some pieces to your DIY life are missing.
You know who you are

You made your own meals, applied to school on your own, and left home as soon as you could

You were given no direction..

You can’t even give a name to how you grew up, you had a house, were considered smart in school but – there was always relentless drama going on in your house, even in the thick of it you felt invisible or the scapegoat. If there were favorites in the house it was never you.

You are not even sure if your parents liked you.

Where you grew up it was every person for themselves – you and your siblings were too busy in your own separate corners surviving to be tight. Now they act like distant cousins rather than siblings.

You had to figure out the world without guidance. Why didn’t some adult let you know that you were struggling because you weren’t supposed to be raising yourself? You found parent surrogates, mostly guys that were no good for you except they gave you attention – something you were so thirsty for. Your choices in partners/company made it clear you believed every negative thing you were told. It was easy to mistreat you

You learned to trust others with nothing and always have a backup plan.
It helped you survive but not enjoy life.

 You end up lonely. In theory, you would like to connect more. Since you have no standard for normalcy, it is hard to trust yourself. And relationships are complicated for you. You often feel you don’t fit in and if others really knew your true self they wouldn’t stick around.

When things go wrong in your life you
wonder if everyone would be better off without you.

After a disagreement or when a problem arises, you can’t explain why but you become a doomsday prepper in your head thinking you will lose your job, partner, friends, or kids.

But Kimberly – I don’t want to blame anyone for my present situation.

Whew, good because I don’t either! No one wins the blame game. I want to help you with insight and ways to respond that are different than what you know. 

Here’s the thing though – you gotta look at how you got here to craft the path towards your better future.

What is it like to be in therapy with me?

You can expect:

Compassionate honesty – you will never have to guess where I stand | An ability to help folks see humor in their lives where they didn’t see it before

Enthusiasm to hear your story | Respect for your autonomy to write your own future

A fierce belief in your ability to make change that matters | Mad skills on how to communicate in the moments that count.

Together we can ditch the drama in your head for some clarity.

The values that guide my practice:

I support the BLM and BIPOC movements. I am an ally of the LGBTQIA community. I am the granddaughter of an immigrant. I respect folks for who they are. I actively work to address my privilege. If you need to vent about ‘those people’ I am not the therapist for you.


“Kimberly Perlin is a talented and compassionate therapist who is able to connect with folx who have struggled finding a therapist in the past. She has a gift for working with people to set aside their defenses to truly start to heal. I would absolutely recommend working with her.”
– Sivan Perdue LCPAT, ATR-BC

“Kimberly Perlin is a great therapist and an incredible human being! She is so knowledgeable and helpful in multiple areas of therapy. She works with individuals who are really struggling with their past traumas and the impact those experiences currently have on their ability to function as an adult. I highly recommend Kimberly Perlin!”
– Dr. Chona Green

“Kimberly is a great therapist. She is knowledgeable and understands trauma. I trust referring clients to her because I know they will be in great care with her.”
– Laura Rippeon LCSW-C

“I identify and look to Kimberly as an expert in codependent relationships, as well as an example of success and competency in the field of psychology. I recommend her to everyone from professionals looking for experts to consult to clients looking for “the therapist” ready to support meaningful and lasting change in their lives. I am pleased to add her to my network- you will be too.”
-Cindy Cinseros LCPC-S

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense therapist who sees beyond your diagnosis, then Kimberly is an excellent choice. She is wise, warm, and refreshingly authentic. She is also an amazing supervisor and consultant for therapists who are ready to level up their clinical skills.
– Dr Stephanie Olarte



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About Kimberly Ann Perlin, LCSW-C

So, who is this stranger who wants you to bear your soul? I have been called a truth bomber, a fangirl of the resilient, the therapist for people that don’t like therapy. Some borrow my boldness; others learn the compassionate way to say what you need to say without creating an all-night argument. My clients walk away confident in their ability to handle storms that life brings.

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