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About Kimberly Ann Perlin, LCSW-C

About Kimberly Ann Perlin, LCSW-C

So, who is this stranger who wants you to bear your soul?



I have been called a truth bomber, a fangirl of the resilient, the therapist for people that don’t like therapy. Some borrow my boldness; others learn the compassionate way to say what you need to say without creating an all-night argument. My clients walk away confident in their ability to handle storms that life brings.

I have been listening to people's stories for as long as I can remember. I am the one the homeless guy talks to, the sad guy at the party sits near, and I know the woman in the grocery store line just left her husband. As a child those stories always stayed with me. On the regular I was called too sensitive - nowadays we would say I am a highly sensitive person (HSP).  I naturally talk about what others can’t or won’t talk about.   In Catholic school I was a frequent flyer for the desk in the corner because I had too much to say.  I was lectured by mostly well-intentioned adults about how I needed to keep my mouth shut.  It took a long time to see my skills as listener and speaking the unspoken as actual gifts I was meant to use.

As a passionate adult, I can say I know what it is like to be told one is too muchtoo sensitive, too moody, too opinionated, too driven, too busy, too loud, too mouthy, etc.  And I know those given such labels are my people.  Some people go at life hard - it is just how they are built.  Helping the "too" navigate life is my passion.

What about my life outside of therapy?

I am a mother, wife, daughter, stepmother, sister, aunt, mother in law and Mimi. I come from a long line of outspoken women. I volunteer for giant breed dog rescues. I love sunlight, all things family, friends that make me laugh, podcasts, books, the outdoors, and good food.

If you need to know about my therapist street cred

I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Philosophy from Gettysburg College.  I received my master’s in Social Work from University of Maryland.  I have an LCSW-C and am approved to supervise clinicians.  I have been employed in the mental health field for 26 years – the last 14 exclusively in private practice.  I’ve been trained extensively in trauma, communication skills, and resiliency.   I am a level I EMDR trained.

What therapy approaches show up in my work?

EMDR, DBT & CBT, Schema therapy, Relational Life Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Nonviolent Communication, the Gottman research, the work of Ester Perel and Brene Brown.  I am constantly expanding my skill set as I love to learn so this is not an all inclusive list.

One caveat with all of this I need to stress is it would be awfully arrogant of me to assume what our work will include as I haven’t met you.  The above list a top 10 or really 11 list of sorts not prescriptive of what I would do with any unique client.

When is Kimberly not a good fit?

I do not work with those in active addiction or early recovery as individual therapy is not the model for best practices. I am unable to provide services for those suffering from an eating disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder as that is not my specialty. I do not have training to effectively treat those who are diagnosed as on the autism spectrum.  Those that are exclusively suffering from a panic disorder would be better served by a more specialized clinician.  Due to the limits of my availability, I cannot accommodate a school schedule - I am not treating children under 18 at this time. Currently, I am not providing couples or family therapy.  If you schedule is such that you require weekend or evening appointments after 5 PM, I am not your gal.

If this is the end of our time together do yourself a favor and don’t give up.  The therapist you need is out there. 

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