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EMDR intensives in the Baltimore Metro area

EMDR intensives in the Baltimore Metro area

EMDR Intensives in Maryland

Attend 1-day, 3-day or 5-day intensives to treat your trauma.

Serving Baltimore and Greater Baltimore/DC Metro Area. Online intensives offered to Maryland residents.

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Feeling overwhelmed, unable to relax and/or extra sucks. You don’t have to live this way.

My EMDR Intensives in Towson or online in Maryland can help you release your trauma over a day, 2-day or 4-day experience.

I specialize working with those struggling from Complex Trauma or Borderline Personality disorder or those that fear they are suffering from the above by clearly targeting problematic behavior or memory. Often we are reducing reactivity, the negative stories you tell yourself, and damage done by others.

What Are EMDR Intensives?

Intensives are several EMDR sessions in a day or several days that can quickly address symptoms that hold you back. EMDR Intensives focus on the most disturbing trauma memories and/or problematic behavior and processes those in a safe environment.

Originally, intensives were considered the most helpful for those with one-time trauma events, such as a car accident, sudden death or loss, sexual assault, or perinatal trauma. In my experience, EMDR decreases reactivity with those struggling from Complex Trauma or Borderline Personality disorder by targeting one problematic behavior/memory/reaction at a time.

After EMDR my clients report feeling less vulnerable to their own reactions and more in control of how they respond.
New research shows that intensive therapy for trauma and stress can be effective in symptom reduction in a short period of time. Some don’t have the time to meet weekly for months and intensives can help bridge the gap between no therapy and weekly therapy.

EMDR is a wonderful tool for healing. Yet it is just a tool. Folks come to EMDR with different tolerance levels for discomfort and unique stories from which they need to heal.

I will meet you at your tolerance level – no one’s EMDR experience is the same. Some folks walk away feeling cleared of their reactivity, others will feel a reduction in symptoms as the depth of their experience will require more EMDR sessions. I can’t tell just by looking at you.

Think of it like fishing – we need a different rod and boat to catch a swordfish rather than a minnow. We will work with whatever rod and boat you have and catch the fish that can be contained in the boat. That being said, it has been my experience that clients walk away with much more than a reduction of symptoms – there are truths uncovered which bring about more positive change than they expected.

Own your story, get better.

Jumpstart your healing with an EMDR Intensive.

Okay Kimberly but what do you do in an EMDR intensive?

  1. We have a consultation for 15 minutes online where we make sure your struggle is something I am skilled at treating. If we agree on being a good match we schedule a 90 minute intake. I send you a detailed questionnaire about your history and goals that you complete prior to intake.
  2. We have a 90 minute intake where we explore your goals, targeted symptoms and create a plan together.
  3. We meet for 90 minutes to resource (which basically means we use the emdr light to improve your tolerance for emotionally charged memories), pick one target and use the emdr light to explore the memory so the memory is no longer an auto response for you. Most EMDR therapists call this re-processing. Think switching from automatic transmission to manual stick shift in a car – you now choose how to respond instead of your body and brain overriding you. Between emdr sets and after re-processing we debrief about your experience and goals. Oh and you have a few breaks between emdr sets to get fed, hydrated and fresh air.

How many resource/reprocessing sessions do we have?

Well that depends on the EMDR Intensive Option you choose.

One-Day EMDR Intensive

For clients currently in EMDR therapy or weekly psychotherapy and wanting to significantly reduce their trauma symptoms in order to increase therapeutic results. 3 hours of EMDR processing during Intensive. Investment price is 1500.00

Three-Day EMDR Intensive

For those ready to decrease symptoms and efficiently process traumatic experiences. Clients are given a specialized treatment plan and resources for self-care during processing. Often folks do this over a weekend or 3 days consecutively over a week. Investment price is 3000.00

Includes 90-minute intake session to identify targets for processing.

Consists of three 3-hour sessions of resourcing, processing, and integration.

Five-Day EMDR Intensives

For those ready to decrease symptoms and efficiently process traumatic experiences. Clients are given a specialized treatment plan and resources for self-care during processing. Investment price is 5000.00
Includes 90-minute intake session to identify targets for processing.
Consists of five 3-hour sessions of resourcing, processing, and integration.

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Still wondering if an EMDR Intensive is right for you?

You might be a good fit for EMDR Intensives if:

  • You have PTSD otherwise known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder .
  • You have a one-time traumatic event that continues to haunt you and cause significant distress such as
    • You survived a car accident.
    • You lived through a natural disaster.
    • You were robbed.
    • You were sexually assaulted.
    • You survived an event that changed how you see the world.
  • You are a healthcare worker working with COVID patients.
  • You are a first responder that sees trauma at your place of work.
  • You provide emergency services for victims/survivors of trauma.
  • You experienced a sudden loss or death.
  • If you have been left or experienced a divorce/end of a relationship and feel like the experience affects you in ways you wish it wouldn’t.
  • You are in weekly therapy but become so overwhelmed talking about your history or exploring your feelings that you don’t feel like you are making progress.
  • You survived abuse, neglect, or trauma in childhood.=
  • You were forced to leave home early due to a chaotic home
  • You aren’t sure your home was abusive but homelife chaos or neglect required you to cosplay as an adult=
  • You experienced the death of a parent at a really young age.
  • You are recovering from an unhealthy relationship and cannot seem to let certain situations go.
  • You don’t have the ability to meet weekly due to life’s constraints

Benefits of EMDR Intensives

  • Sessions are completed in a one, two or 5-day format. This reduces the need to take off work or obtain weekly childcare for weekly sessions.
  • The upfront costs are greater for Intensives, but the shorter duration of therapy means that you save money over the course of treatment.
  • You can avoid waitlists for qualified and helpful EMDR practitioners in your area and get the immediate benefits of symptom relief.

What is so special about my EMDR Intensives?

My EMDR Intensives strive to help you live in your own skin comfortably. I am passionate about teaching techniques so you don’t feel so vulnerable to your thoughts and feelings.

Get freedom and space to grow. It is yours for the taking.

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Want to learn more about my approach to EMDR?

See my emdr page, my blog

Egghead Research Supporting EMDR Intensives if that’s your thing.

Research supports that EMDR Intensives might be more cost effective than traditional therapy or weekly EMDR sessions. Time spent in sessions discussing safety concerns, managing crises, and resourcing clients can reduce the amount of time processing the trauma. You can read more here.

  1. Recent research supports that EMDR Intensives can be safe and effective for those with Complex PTSD. You can read more about that here.
  2. Research shows that EMDR was well-tolerated with patients with PTSD and contributed to a significant reduction of symptoms after intensive therapy.
  3. Here’s a study that talks about EMDR with the treatment of borderline personality disorder and PTSD
  4. Here’s another study that talks about EMDR and Complex PTSD
  5. Here’s another that addresses using EMDR with veterans struggling with PTSD

Not ready for an EMDR Intensive? I also offer weekly EMDR sessions.

Weekly EMDR Services

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