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Supervision & Consultation for Therapists

Supervision & Consultation for Therapists

So, you are looking for supervision or consultation…

Wherever you are in your career good supervision is priceless.

I had the privilege and dumb luck of having excellent supervision when I started out.  Not everyone has that story. If there is something missing from yours, please feel free to contact me.   To this day I still seek out knowledge, training and supervision – it is the only way to hone your craft.

I have been at this private practice gig for a bit now.  I have found myself to be the person others call when they are stuck.  I decided to go official and get certified to provide supervision in the state of Maryland.    

I have a passion for working with clients that are given the borderline label.  Trauma, often what is under the borderline label is my specialty.  I also have extensive experience in working with those who are in or left high conflict relationships.   I am a stepparent and often work with women who are stepparenting.

I know when I went to graduate school there was no training in any of these specialties.

Here’s a piece of advice for new clinicians, if you find a modality, theory, intervention you want to use seek the thorough training, even if it is more expensive. It will be cheaper and more fruitful in the long run.


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