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Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

Are you having a breakdown or turning into that parent you have put so much mileage in between?

You seem fine, almost normal or as normal as you can pull off – then something happens, and you are just as insecure as you were when you were living in your childhood home.

Do you have anxiety? Depression?  If you google symptoms it feels like you have everything.

The answer is yes to all the above.  The labels do not matter because the source is the same – part of your foundation is missing.  You feel it inside.

When stressed

you second-guess yourself until you are tired.

You get so angry at yourself and

wonder why you can’t be normal like everyone else?

Since you got yourself together you have done all the right things.  Others see you as a rule follower, someone folks depend on and look up to.  If they only knew, right?

You know you have the life you wanted but

now everything feels dull and gray.

You have been making it work forever, the kids, the house, his family and now you are just tired and avoid the phone for days.

You feel just unappreciated – you wonder if you made mistakes in your life that you can’t change

You go through the motions, but it feels soul-crushing. You wonder what is wrong with you? Are you ungrateful?

You take a yoga class, read a book, go out more with your friends, plan a date night and still feel so awful.

You wake up and have no idea why you feel down but know it will be rough for a while, a day, a week or a month without much reason that you can point to.

Some days the smallest thing can wreck you

– you end up in your head worrying about everything you ever did wrong or could go wrong.  Thinking about walking away from everything you worked so hard for is more appealing than living in your skin.  Mostly you know you would never do it – but

something must be wrong if thoughts of imploding your life give you solace.

Other times you get so nervous you can’t calm down before doing ‘the thing’ you must do.  You know you are ‘too’ sensitive.  Your breathing can go haywire and can’t calm down.

Your brain never turns off.

Your mind loops back repeatedly about the thing you shouldn’t have said, what others must think of you and why this is an omen for what the rest of your life will be.

The truth is your struggles are treatable. We don’t have to change who you are or fill your head with psychobabble you can’t really use. Honest – I promise.

We can treat the symptoms.  You will wake up without dread.  Mess up and still feel lovable.  You will be able to engage with others and be excited about your world.  I know, I said excited.  You want a life with excitement and joy so badly.  What if I am not BS-ing you?

Hit the consult button and see for yourself.